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What is Cyber Security? Why it is required?

What is Cyber Security? Why it is required?: In this article, we are going to learn about the important What is Cyber Security? Why it is required?.
Submitted by Vanka Manikanth, on March 17, 2020

What's your reaction when someone has got into your private space? How awful? Do you think that you are completely secure in this digital world? My answer is No. Let's go ahead and just get a bit of stuff on Cyber Security.

Cyber Security is the process of protecting the systems, networks, and data from attacks and unauthorized access which may cause severe damage economically.

Is it required to know about Cyber Security?

The Answer is Yes, because of the following questions, just ask yourself in terms of individual or an organization:

  • What is more confidential?
  • What do you value most?
  • What is irreplaceable?
  • What might impact your reputation?
  • What could cause the most damage?

You can also think in terms of like Files, Photos, Credit Card details, Bank account details, Facebook, primary email accounts, etc. So, whatever it might be, you must secure it. If you come across that at least one above is Yes, then it is required to know a bit of it.

Security is the prime thing in every industry and for individuals. Companies invest large amounts to penetrate their systems and networks and do some risk assessment analysis so that they can understand the vulnerabilities and will follow the mitigation steps. They do the same for years because there is no such thing as 100 percent security if someone says you are 100 percent secured. Don’t mind! Even they don’t know what is a 100 percent secure point? That's the reason why we see most of the cybercrimes happen with the intervention of the user unknowingly. We are the ones who store all our sensitive information on different social networks and personal mails.
I just want to give you an example of how Google is efficiently storing the data from us and to make aware all of you I provided the below procedure to view the data Captures by Google.

How many of you know that Google is the one who captures every step and activity of yours.

Let's look into it now.

Go to https://maps.google.com

what is cyber security (1)

See the above picture Google has clearly captured all your data along with the type of travel you made and the amount of time you spent on each stage.

You can also head towards the link: https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity

what is cyber security (2)

what is cyber security (3)

Your actions and the view count are recorded.

Cool, do not worry at all. Google never leaks it. Google crawls it just to automate things like recommendations and other stuff. And other than Google, all these data are mostly used by the policemen in the few cases for the track.
And let's play a game to know that how much you aware of Cybersecurity?

Execute the code here

There are lots more to understand in Cyber Security and it’s a continuous process of learning with the system based and web-based attacks. Soon will come up with the System based and Web-based attacks until they enjoy learning.

Multiple choices questions & answers

1) What is Dark web?
  1. Dark web is just a common web as World Wide Web
  2. Dark web is new kind of browser
  3. Dark web has illegal things to do

2) Define Ransom?
  1. Amount of money/bitcoin is required to pay in order to get back the encrypted data from hackers
  2. Ransomware is kind of virus which infects system
  3. There is nothing such type

3) Albert switched to Private Incognito Browsing and accessing all his confidential information. Is he secured from ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
  1. No, he is in danger
  2. Private browsing is always safe
  3. It depends on the browser

4) Using the same passwords for different applications with alphanumeric and special characters inclusion is more secure?
  1. Yes, obviously
  2. No
  3. I am not sure about it

5) Unsolicited emails, especially advertising is know as:
  1. Ransomware
  2. Spam
  3. Sam


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