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Most common definitions in Cyber Security (with MCQs)

In this tutorial, we are going to learn some of the most common definitions/terms used in Cyber Security with MCQs to test your skills.
Submitted by Vanka Manikanth, on April 12, 2020


Privacy is like nobody sees what you are doing, but potentially knowing who you are. For example, you are privately at your own home. Nobody has an idea of what do you do at a time, but everybody knows that you are being located in this house. And take another example, as when you email your friend it is private to you and your friend but not publicly to everyone. And another example, when you have created a file with a password, only you have the key to unlock it then the data is private over there.


Anonymity is like doing all your activities by hiding your true identity and others can see your actions, but may not have an idea who you are.

For example, Browsing using the Tor browser and posting a message anonymously in any of the discussion forums.

Note: We will gonna learn about the Tor browser in upcoming lessons. As of now remember that Tor is a browser to access the dark web.


Vulnerability is the weakness through which the hacker might penetrate and exploit. It's like loopholes. Generally, when building application mistakes might happen, referred to as bugs, there is no such problem with these bugs unless they harm the performance of the application, but those who have a severe risk impact are considered as vulnerabilities. OWASP has listed the Top 10 vulnerabilities in the Web-based, will have a deep look into it in another article.


An asset is which you value most? Whatever it might be like financial records, bank information, your mobile, your laptop, your email, etc. All your sensitive information and things are considered as an Asset. So based upon the Asset we have to do Risk assessment analysis.


A threat can cause by the vulnerability, so the threat is an event that may cause damage to your asset in whatever means. Threats are enabled by

For example, Malware is a threat that infects your system through vulnerability.

Multiple choices questions & answers

1) What do you understand about Vulnerability?
  1. Is a just kind of Virus
  2. Vulnerability is like a point where the might application/network will not get disrupted
  3. Vulnerability is like a loophole, weakness through which one has a chance to penetrate and exploit

2) Which of the following is considered as Asset?
  1. Files
  2. Optical Cables
  3. It might be anything which has value and which is important to us can be considered as an Asset

3) Do you think storing session id in the cookies might have a threat?
  1. Yes, it's a bad practice
  2. No its a good practice to store in cookies
  3. Not sure

4) To have private from the browser with IP changing at regular intervals which browser is the best fit?
  1. Any browser is okay
  2. Tor browser
  3. Chrome with Incognito mode

6) Mr.Bob is using Gmail in Tor to sent the mail to his loved ones Do you think that his mail will be sent anonymous name?
  1. No, your username is visible to her
  2. Yes using Tor all your mails will be sent anonymously
  3. Not Sure

8) Flooding lots of traffic to an application by a threat agent and an application cannot be accessible comes under which principle.
  1. As they are using Tor they are private in the discussion
  2. They private to some extent
  3. They have no privacy

9) ____________Analaysis is mandatory before you develop an app or create a network.
  1. Risk
  2. Private
  3. No assessment is required if we are confident enough

10) Ms.Rose has done multiple risk analysis and she is confident enough to say 100 percent security is provided to the asset.
  1. Yes if she is confident then no problem
  2. There is no such 100 percent security and 0 percent risk
  3. Not sure


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