C# 'Environment' Class – Properties, Methods, Examples / Programs

In C# programming language, the Environment class is defined in the System Namespace, it provides the information about, and means to manipulate, the current environment and platform. It is used for getting & setting various operating system-related information.

This section contains the solved C# 'Environment' Class Reference – Properties, Methods, Examples. Practice these programs to learn the concept of environment-related functionalities, these programs contain the solved code, outputs, and the detailed explanation of the statements, functions used in the C# 'Environment' Class Reference – Properties, Methods, Examples.

List of C# 'Environment' Class Reference – Properties, Methods, Examples

  1. C# - Environment.CurrentDirectory Property with Example
  2. C# - Environment.MachineName Property with Example
  3. C# - Environment.Is64BitOperatingSystem Property with Example
  4. C# - Environment.Is64BitProcess Property with Example
  5. C# - Environment.ProcessorCount Property with Example
  6. C# - Environment.HasShutdownStarted Property with Example
  7. C# - Environment.SystemDirectory Property with Example
  8. C# - Environment.SystempageSize Property with Example
  9. C# - Environment.UserName Property with Example
  10. C# - Environment.WorkingSet Property with Example
  11. C# - Environment.UserDomainName Property with Example
  12. C# - Environment.StackTrace Property with Example
  13. C# - Environment.TickCount Property with Example
  14. C# - Environment.UserInteractive Property with Example
  15. C# - Environment.CommandLine Property with Example
  16. C# - Environment.Exit() Method with Example
  17. C# - Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() Method with Example
  18. C# - Environment.FailFast() Method with Example
  19. C# - Environment.GetLogicalDrives() Method with Example
  20. C# - Environment.GetEnvironmentVariables() Method with Example
  21. C# - Environment.OSVersion Property with Example
  22. C# - Environment.GetEnvironmentVariable() Method with Example
  23. C# - Environment.SetEnvironmentVariable() Method with Example

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