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C program to implement substring function

This program will implement substring function without using any string library function, this program will copy given number of characters from given number of bytes in one string to another string and that target string is called substring of source string.

Implementation of substring using C program

/*C program to implement substring function.*/

#include <stdio.h>

function : substring
argument list:
1) source - source string
2) from - starting index from where you want to 
get substring.
3) n - number of characters to be copied in substring
4) target - target string in which you want to store
targe string.
Return type - int : 0 on success

int substring(char *source, int from, int n, char *target){
    int length,i;
    //get string length 
        printf("Starting index is invalid.\n");
        return 1;
        //get substring till end
    //get substring in target
    target[i]='\0'; //assign null at last
    return 0;    

int main()
    char str[100],targetString[100];
    int from,n;
    printf("Enter any string:");
    printf("Enter from index (count from 0): ");
    printf("Enter number of characters: ");
        printf("Substring is: %s\n",targetString);
    return 0;



    First Run:
    Enter any string: www.includehelp.com
    Enter from index (count from 0): 4
    Enter number of characters: 5
    Substring is: inclu

    Second Run:
    Enter any string: www.includehelp.com
    Enter from index (count from 0): 14
    Enter number of characters: 10
    Substring is: p.com

    Third Run:
    Enter any string: www.includehelp.com
    Enter from index (count from 0): 20
    Enter number of characters: 5
    Starting index is invalid.

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