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C program to convert String into Hexadecimal

In this program we will read a String and convert the string into Hexadecimal String. We will convert each character of the string in it’s equivalent hexadecimal value and insert the converted value in a string and finally print the Hexadecimal String.

Converting String into Hexadecimal String using C program

/*C program to convert String into Hexadecimal.*/

#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>

int main()
	unsigned char str[100],strH[200];
	int i,j;
	printf("Enter string: ");
	printf("\nString is: %s\n",str);
	/*set strH with nulls*/
	/*converting str character into Hex and adding into strH*/
	strH[j]='\0'; /*adding NULL in the end*/
	printf("Hexadecimal converted string is: \n");
	return 0;
Enter string: Hello world, This is my first program.

String is: Hello world, This is my first program.
Hexadecimal converted string is: 

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