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Difference between Process and Thread in java

Learn: What is Process and Thread in java? What are the differences between Process and Thread in java?
Submitted by Preeti Jain, on February 06, 2018

1) Process in java

  • Process is a part of operating System.
  • Process is a heavy weight.
  • Allocate space for processes are separated.
  • Every process are individual It means at the same time one process is downloading a file from internet resource and second process is user listening music in the background and third process user is working in a ms-office.
  • There is no co-relation between the processes. Multiple processes can run simultaneously.
  • Every process required the resource to execute a program.
  • A process has a virtual address space, executable code, open handles to system objects (i.e. in simple terms it allocates spaces for code, data, stack, registers etc).

2) Thread in java

  • Thread is also a part of operating System.
  • Thread is a light weight process.
  • Allocate space for threads are not separated it means it is sub part of processes.
  • Every Thread is not an individual It means Thread is independent part of the program (In other terms we can Thread is a sub part of the same program).
  • There is co-relation between the threads.(In simple terms we have a large projects and in their several modules so what we can do with the help of thread concepts we can divide a large project into threads and thread will divided in a team to work on but basically we are trying to say it is a part of the project ).
  • Thread is recommended to improve performance and reduce throughput.
  • Thread is an entity within process that can be scheduled for execution.
  • Threads also share its virtual address space and system resources.
  • There are several responsibilities of threads like Exception handling, scheduling priority, Thread Local storage etc.

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