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Applications of Reinforcement Learning in Artificial Intelligence

In this article, we are going to study about the different applications of Reinforcement Learning. We will look into various fields and areas where Reinforcement Learning is used and has proved to be an asset for the industrial and developing society.
Submitted by Monika Sharma, on June 18, 2019

The reinforcement learning is being used in many Intelligent Systems and the developers are seeing a great scope in it for current and future developments in the field of computers and robotics. This is because, the Reinforcement Learning till now is the most effective and simple way to make a computer system think, learn and act humanely. Due to this reason, this has been a field of attraction for the computer and industrial world. Some major projects which use this concept in their systems have already been developed and launched, and some are still under development. Due to more work output than humans in laborious works, such systems are high in demand in the industrial sectors.

Applications of Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning finds its applications in the following areas:

  • Used in robotics for Industrial automation:
    Most of the industries require man force either as laborers, workers or supervisors. Most of these have the same routine to follow each day and they have to work in the same manner in which they have been escorted. The robots designed to do such type of tasks prove to be more beneficial than humans as they do not require rest and they can be used for unlimited working hours. So, despite that, it makes thousands of people jobless, yet businessmen and great industry men chose the robots over humans for earning more profit.
  • Used in Machine Learning:
    Reinforcement Learning is one of the major topics in Machine Learning and is currently in trend and is a major source of attraction for many researchers and developers.
  • Used in creating training systems and self-operating systems:
    reinforcement learning is being used to create different self-operating systems like self-driving cars, automated arms, House cleaning agents, etc. Apart from these, many training systems are also designed using it like the test conducting systems, systems which are able to have a human-like communication, systems which are able to receive any call and reply as per the going conversation, etc.
  • Used in Data Processing:
    In Intelligent agents and expert systems which work in a dynamic and partially observable environment, the reinforcement learning is an effective and widely used way for Data Processing, as the conditions with uncertainty can be easily handled using it.

Apart from this, there are still many uncovered areas where the Reinforcement Learning finds its application and there are also areas where the research and implementation process of the same is being performed.



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