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PEAS Based Grouping of Agents in Artificial Intelligence

PEAS based grouping of Agents in AI: In this tutorial, we are going to learn about the grouping of agents which is done on a certain basis termed as PEAS. We will learn about this grouping system, what it stands for, and on what basis it does the grouping of the agents. By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 12, 2023

What is PEAS System?

There are certain types of AI agents. But apart from these types, there are many agents which are being designed and created today and they differ from each other in some aspects and have some aspects in common too. So, to group similar types of agents together, a system was developed which is known as PEAS system.

What is the Term PEAS Mean?

PEAS stands for Performance, Environment, Actuators, and Sensors

Based on these properties of an agent, they can be grouped together or can be differentiated from each other. Each agent has these following properties defines for it.

Properties of an AI Agent

1. Performance

The output which we get from the agent. All the necessary results that an agent gives after processing comes under its performance.

2. Environment

All the surrounding things and conditions of an agent fall in this section. It basically consists of all the things under which the agents work.

3. Actuators

The devices, hardware or software through which the agent performs any actions or processes any information to produce a result are the actuators of the agent.

4. Sensors

The devices through which the agent observes and perceives its environment are the sensors of the agent.

PEAS System Example

Let us take an example of a self-driven car. As the name suggests, it is a car which drives on its own, by taking all the necessary decisions while driving without any help from the user (customer). In other words, we can say that this car drives on its own and requires no driver. The PEAS description for this agent will be as follows:

1. Performance

The performance factors for a self-driven car will be the Speed, Safety while driving (both of the car and the user), Time is taken to drive to a particular location, the comfort of the user, etc.

2. Environment

The road on which the Car is being driven, other cars present on the road, pedestrians, crossings, road signs, traffic signals, etc. , all act as its environment.

3. Actuators

All those devices through which the control of the car is handled, are the actuators of the car. For example, the Steering, Accelerator, Breaks, Horn, Music system, etc.

4. Sensors

All those devices through which the car gets an estimate about its surroundings and it can draw certain perceptions out of it are its sensors. For example, Camera, Speedometer, GPS, Odometer, Sonar, etc.

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