What is Fuzzy Logic in AI and Why It is used?

In this tutorial, we will learn about the fuzzy logic in artificial intelligence, what is meant by fuzzy logic, how the inferences are drawn through it, why it should be used for this process, and how an agent makes decisions under uncertainty with the help of this Fuzzy Logic? By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 15, 2023

What is Fuzzy Logic in AI?

Fuzzy Logic (FL) is a method by which an expert system or any agent based on Artificial Intelligence performs reasoning under uncertain conditions. In this method, the reasoning is done in almost the same way as it is done in humans. It can be said that Fuzzy Logic imitates the way of reasoning and decision making in humans. In this method, all the possibilities between 0 and 1 are drawn.

For tackling any problem, the system takes precise information either as an input or from its Knowledge Base, and produces a definite output between 0 to 1, regarding whether the conventional logic block that represents the particular situation is true or false.

Why Fuzzy Logic is used?

  1. Fuzzy Logic is an effective and convenient way for representing the situation where the results are partially true or partially false instead of being completely true or completely false.
  2. This method can very well imitate the human behavior of reasoning. Like humans, any system which uses this logic can make correct decisions in spite of all the uncertainty in its surrounding.
  3. There is a fully specified theory for this method, known as the Fuzzy Set Theory. Based on this theory, we can easily train our system for solving almost all types of problems.
  4. In the Fuzzy Set Theory, the inference-making process and other concluding methods are well defined using algorithms which the agent or any computer system can easily understand.
  5. The Agent in this method can handle situations like incomplete data, imprecise knowledge, etc.
  6. Complex Decision making can be easily performed by the systems that work on Fuzzy Logic, that too by providing effective solutions to the problems.
  7. The making and implementing the process of the Fuzzy set theory is easy and understandable and hence is widely acceptable by many developers.

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