Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Process in Artificial Intelligence

Natural Language Understanding (NLU): In this tutorial, we will learn how the natural language understanding process takes place inside the communicating agents in artificial intelligence? By Monika Sharma Last updated : April 16, 2023

Natural Language understanding, as we already know is one of the two main components of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) system.

What is Natural Language Understanding?

As we all know that a communicating agent is also a machine and so, like other machines, Natural Language Understanding also works on data which is present in machine language. But the input that our communicating agent is the human speech which is an audio signal. So, it is important for the agent to convert this speech signal into a form which it can understand and further work on. This process is performed in the following manner inside the agent.

What are the steps in natural language understanding?

The following are the steps in natural language understanding:

1. Speech Recognition

In Speech Recognition, the Agent extracts the sequence of words from the raw speech signal that it receives. So here, the agent has the ability to separate each meaningful word from the sentences that the user speaks to it.

2. Analyzing Syntax

After extracting the individual words from the speech signal, the agent forms the structure of the sentence by identifying the different nouns, adjectives, articles, etc. There are different methods to do so like forming the sentence tree, etc.

3. Semantic Analysis

Now, as the agent has the structure of the sentence, it now makes attempts to derive different meanings that appear from the sentence. All these are the partial meanings of the sentence that the agent has inferred till now.

4. Pragmatics

After deriving various partial meanings of the sentence, the agent finally decides which meaning is the most relevant and fits the best in the going conversation. Hence it declares the final meaning the sentence, and then the further processing of forming the reply to the sentence takes place.


So, if we conclude, the Understanding process of Natural Language which takes place inside any agent takes place in the following manner:


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