numpy.char.compare_chararrays() Method with Example

Learn about the numpy.char.compare_chararrays() method with its usage, syntax, and example. By Pranit Sharma Last updated : December 27, 2023

numpy.char.compare_chararrays() Method

The numpy.char.compare_chararrays() is used to perform the element-wise comparison of two string arrays. There are different types of comparisons that can be performed based on the type of comparison operator passed as a parameter (cmp).


char.compare_chararrays(a1, a2, cmp, rstrip)


  • a1, a2: input arrays
  • cmp: type of comparison ("<", "<=", "==", ">=", ">", "!=").
  • rstrip: A Boolean value, True or False, indicating whether spaces at the end of strings are removed before the comparison or not.

Return Value

The char.compare_chararrays() method returns a Boolean type array with the same size as the two input arrays passed to it.

Python code to demonstrate the example of numpy.char.compare_chararrays() method

# Import numpy
import numpy as np

# Crating two numpy arrays
arr = np.array(["a", "b", "cde"])
arr1 = np.array(["a", "a", "dec"])

# Display original arrays
print("Original Array:\n",arr,"\n")
print("Original Array 2:\n",arr1,"\n")

# Comparing both arrays element-wise
res = np.compare_chararrays(arr,arr1,">", True)

# Display result


Example: numpy.char.compare_chararrays() Method with Example

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