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Python | Passing string value to the function

Here, we will learn by example, how to pass the strong value to the function in Python?
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on September 06, 2018

We have to define a function that will accept string argument and print it. Here, we will learn how to pass string value to the function?


str = "Hello world"

Function call:

"Hello world"


# Python program to pass a string to the function

# function definition: it will accept 
# a string parameter and print it 
def printMsg(str):
	# printing the parameter 
	print str

# Main code 
# function calls 
printMsg("Hello world!")
printMsg("Hi! I am good.")


Hello world!
Hi! I am good.

Write function that will accept a string and return total number of vowels

# function definition: it will accept 
# a string parameter and return number of vowels 
def countVowels(str):
	count = 0
	for ch in str:
		if ch in "aeiouAEIOU":
			count +=1 
	return count 

# Main code 
# function calls 
str = "Hello world!"
print "No. of vowels are {0} in \"{1}\"".format(countVowels(str),str)

str = "Hi, I am good."
print "No. of vowels are {0} in \"{1}\"".format(countVowels(str),str)


No. of vowels are 3 in "Hello world!"
No. of vowels are 5 in "Hi, I am good."

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