Python program for slicing a string

By Suryaveer Singh Last updated : February 13, 2024

Slicing can be defined as selecting specific characters of a string. This can be performed easily by knowing the length of a string also if the length is not specified initially we can do it by selecting the number of characters that we require.

Now let's understand slicing with a simple example,

We are provided with a string such that the first N characters are the front characters of the string. If the provided string length is less than N, the front is whatever we have got. Now your task is to create a new string such that it contains only the N characters from the front.

Problem statement

Given a string and number of characters (N), we have to slice and print the starting N characters from the given string using python program.


slice('Javan', 3) = 'Jav'
slice('Chocolava', 5) = 'Choco'
slice('jio', 6) = 'jio'

Python program for slicing a string

Here we have considered N as a number of the front end. Here as the length of the string is not mentioned initially so here we have done slicing by considering a specific number of characters.

def slice(str, n):
    if len(str) < n:
        n = len(str)
    front = str[:n]
    return front

print (slice('Chocolate', 5))
print (slice('IncludeHelp', 7))
print (slice('Hello', 10)) #will print all characters


The output of the above program is:


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To understand the above program, you should have the basic knowledge of the following Python topics:

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