Python | Print EVEN length words

Here, we are going to implement a Python program, in which we will declare and string and print only EVEN length words.
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on August 01, 2018

Given a string, and we have to print the EVEN length words in Python.


    str: Python is a programming language

    EVEN length words:


  • To print the EVEN length words, we have to check length of each word.
  • For that, first of all, we have to extract the words from the string and assigning them in a list.
  • Iterate the list using loop.
  • Count the length of each word, and check whether length is EVEN (divisible by 2) or not.
  • If word's length is EVEN, print the word.


# print EVEN length words of a string 

# declare, assign string
str = "Python is a programming language"

# extract words in list
words = list(str.split(' '))

# print string
print "str: ", str

# print list converted string i.e. list of words
print "list converted string: ", words

# iterate words, get length
# if length is EVEN print word
print "EVEN length words:"
for W in words:
	if(len(W)%2==0 ):
		print W


    str:  Python is a programming language
    list converted string:  ['Python', 'is', 'a', 'programming', 'language']
    EVEN length words:

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