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Suryaveer Singh

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Suryaveer Singh

I am a dedicated person who loves to explore more and more in technical field. People find me upbeat, self-motivated, team player. I enjoy reading, and the knowledge and perspective that my reading gives me has strengthened my technical skills and coding ability. I have always enjoyed learning new things.

EDUCATION: Currently pursuing B.E in (Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering) from MADHAV INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE (Gwalior)

INTRESTS: Embedded Design, Microcontroller Programming, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

His submissions

Embedded systems

  1. What is AVR (Advanced Virtual Risc)?
  2. How to blink an LED using the AVR?
  3. AVR | Blinking 2 LEDs Alternatively with the help of button.
  4. AVR |Blinking 4 LEDs alternatively.
  5. AVR | Rotating DC motor clockwise and anti clockwise using ATmega16 microcontroller.
  6. AVR | Control the revolution of Simple DC motor.
  7. L293D Motor Driver IC.
  8. AVR | Using a Motor Driver to run Motors.
  9. AVR | Seven Segments LCD Display.
  10. AVR | Masking.
  11. PIN diagram and registers of 16x2 LCD.
  12. AVR | Print HELLO WORLD on the 16x2 LCD.
  13. Embedded Systems, its type and applications.
  14. AVR | USART Home Automation.
  15. Create counter using an 8-bits LCD | AVR
  16. Interrupt and Its Use | AVR.


  1. Python program to find a series in an array consisting of characters
  2. Python program to find the occurrence of a particular number in an array
  3. Python program for slicing a string
  4. Python program to repeat M characters of a string N times
  5. Python program to swap characters of a given string
  6. Python program to remove a character from a specified index in a string
  7. Python program for adding given string with a fixed message

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