How to convert hex string to int in Scala?

Scala | Conversion from hex string to int: Here, we are going to learn how to convert hex string to int in Scala with examples?
Submitted by Shivang Yadav, on May 23, 2020

The hex string is also known as Hexadecimal Number String is a number created using hexadecimal number system i.e. base 16 number system. 

Integer in Scala is a numerical value that uses base 10 values.

Converting hex string to int

A hexadecimal string can be converted to integer type using the parseInt() method of the Integer class that will parse the given string with a given base to an integer value.


    val int_value = Integer.parseInt(hex_string , base)

Program to convert hex string to int in Scala

object MyObject {
    def convertHexStringToInt(hexString : String): Int = {
        return Integer.parseInt(hexString, 16)
    def main(args: Array[String]) {
        val hexString : String = "10DEA"
        println("The Hex String is " + hexString)
        println("The String converted to decimal is " + convertHexStringToInt(hexString))


The Hex String is 10DEA
The String converted to decimal is 69098


In the above code, we have created a function convertHexStringToInt() which will convert the given hex String to an int. The convert uses the parseInt() method which is available in the Integer class. The function takes a string as a parameter and returns the integer which is string conversion of hexString. This returned value is printed using the println method.

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