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Here, we are going to learn how to access and print characters from the string in Python? We will print characters by index. By IncludeHelp Last updated : September 16, 2023

Problem statement

Given a string, we have to access characters from the string in Python.


Consider the below example with sample input and output:

str: "Hello world"

First character: H
Second character: e
Last character: d
Second last character: l
Characters from 0th to 4th index: Hello
And, so on...

Python program to access and print characters from the string

# access characters in string

# declare, assign string 
str = "Hello world"

# print complete string
print "str:", str

# print first character 
print "str[0]:", str[0]

# print second character 
print "str[1]:", str[1]

# print last character
print "str[-1]:", str[-1]

# print second last character
print "str[-2]:", str[-2]

# print characters from 0th to 4th index i.e.
# first 5 characters
print "str[0:5]:", str[0:5]

# print characters from 2nd index to 2nd last index
print "str[2,-2]:", str[2:-2]

# print string character by character
print "str:"
for i in str:
	print i,
#comma after the variable
# it does not print new line


The output of the above program is:

str: Hello world
str[0]: H
str[1]: e
str[-1]: d
str[-2]: l
str[0:5]: Hello
str[2,-2]: llo wor
H e l l o   w o r l d

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