Python program to print a string, extract characters from the string

Printing string, extracting characters from the string in Python: Here, we will learn how to print a complete string, how to access characters, characters from specific indexes from the string in python?
Submitted by IncludeHelp, on April 09, 2019

Problem statement

In this program – we are going to learn how can we complete string, print specific characters, print a range of the characters, print string multiple times (using * operator), print multiple stings by concatenating them etc.

Syntax to print string in different ways

print (string)          	# printing complete string
print (string[i])       	# printing ith element of string
print (string[i], string[j])# printing ith and jth elements
print (string[i:j])     	# printing elements from ith index to jth index
print (string[i:])      	# printing all elements from ith index
print (string * 2)  	# printing string two times
print (string1 + string2) 	# printing concatenated string1 & string2

Python program to print string characters

Here, we have two strings str1 and str2 and we are printing elements in the different ways.

# python program to demonstrate example of string

# declaring & initializing two strings
str1 = "IncludeHelp"
str2 = ".com"

print (str1)          		# printing complete str1
print (str1[0])       		# printing 0th (first) elements of str1
print (str1[0], str1[1])	# printing first & second elements
print (str1[2:5])     		# printing elements from 2nd to 5th index
print (str1[1:])      		# printing all elements from 1st index
print (str2 * 2)  		# printing str2 two times
print (str1 + str2) 		# printing concatenated str1 & str2


The output of the above program is:

I n

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