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8 hats of data visualization design

Submitted by Akash Kumar, on November 28, 2018

8 hats of data visualization are basically the important persons and their roles that are basically required to carry out data visualization are as follows:

  • The initiator
  • The data scientist
  • The journalist
  • The computer scientist
  • The designer
  • The cognitive scientist
  • The communicator
  • The project manager

Let us discuss these hats one by one...

The data scientist

This is basically characterized as data miner who basically the miner’s hat. Their basic role is to acquire, handle prepare and examine the data.

The journalist

The role of journalist is to build up the narrative approach to the visualization problem. Working with both initiator and data scientist they are able to build up the story for the data visualization.

The computer scientist

The Computer Scientist is basically the executer who brings the project alive because they are only the person who is going to get the solution.

The designer

The designer is creative person who in harmony with the computer scientist will bring out the solution. They basically have the eye for visual detail and a flavor of innovation.

The cognitive scientist

The cognitive scientist is basically the thinker in terms of appreciating the work of both computer scientist and designer. They basically have knowledge about how the eye and the brain work most effectively and efficiently.

The communicator

The communicator is basically concerned with the communication part of the project. These basically work as a presenter in front of client.

The project manager

At last comes the role of project manager whose basic job is to bring the work of all other hats together and manage and supervise their work.

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