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5 must-have skills required for big data

Submitted by Uma Dasgupta, on August 19, 2018

Big Data is on the air nowadays and mad rush is on to leverage Big Data analytics tools and techniques for competitive advantage before they are commoditized. Now, the thing is that we have a lot many of technologies and tools related to Big Data and data analytics and its very difficult for one to have grip over all the tools and technologies, here below I am listing 5 skills that will land you and will make you stand solidly in the Big Data jobs trending market, along with they will grab you good bucks for that.

5 must-have skills required for big data

Figure: skills required for big data

Apache Hadoop

As I have discussed in my previous articles also Apache Hadoop is an open source framework which allows us to implement Big Data, which is made up of several components which all are open sources. We can define Hadoop as a distributed data storage and processing system. So, mainly Hadoop does two things it stores the huge amount of data then it allows us to process this huge amount of data in a distributed manner. Though we are entering the second decade there is no alternative still available that can replace Hadoop completely. So, if you want to enter the world of Big Data Hadoop is a must-have skill.

Sql and NoSQL

The fundamental concept of MySQL, and Oracle is that they are relational database management systems they generally take help of relationships to store data in the table consisting of rows and columns. Relational databases store data on basis of some common characteristics that are present in them, but when we talk about Big Data presence of such similarity may not be present there and also may be very difficult to find. NoSql database solves big data problems with a different approach. Many of the inherent architecture and design considerations as schemaless design, compromise on ACID properties, key-value/document based storage have been taken into account in most of the NoSql databases. As we deal with big data to their storage in the database is a primary requirement so, knowledge of SQL and NoSQL both is another must-have skill for Big Data.


If generally said you actually don't need to have programming skills to become a data analyst. But when we talk about grabbing a good job at the corporate house, if you have knowledge of some common programming languages like C, Java, and Python, then it will help you to stand aside from the crowd. It is also observed that in the last 3 years job opportunities for a data analyst with programming skills have much more priority in companies.

Statistical and quantitative Analysis

Big Data is all about statistical and quantitative analysis, so if you have a good knowledge of mathematics field or statistics, you are already halfway there. In addition, you should have expertise in statistical tools like R, Matlab, SAS, SPSS etc. If you have basic knowledge about the above skills then surely you locked this skillset category.

Creativity and Problem Solving Approach

No tool, no technology, no degree can ever replace your ability of thinking, the approach you are using to get out of a situation. All the technologies stated above can be replaced in future with a new one but if you have inbuilt skills of thinking differently to solve a problem and try to find something new and productive from a mess, then there always an opportunity waiting there for you.

We have discussed the five must-have skills that I have found to be very efficient and important for grabbing a good job according to my study. In my upcoming articles I will try to focus on other Tech Trends that are burning the air this year. If you have any further queries please feel free to ask, we will try to respond you to the best of our knowledge as soon as possible. See you in my next article till then Stay healthy! And Keep Learning!

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