Managing Spacing between Words with CSS word-spacing Property

CSS | word-spacing Property: Learn about the word-spacing property, how to manage spaces between the words in a webpage?
Submitted by Apurva Mathur, on June 25, 2022

CSS word-spacing Property

The word-spacing property is a type of CSS property that allows the user to set some specific space between the texts. This property is really helpful when users want to enhance or reduce the number of spaces. CSS also has one similar property called letter-spacing; this property allows users to set some specific spaces between the characters/letters. Both the properties are similar in their working.

It mainly has two types of parameters:

  • Normal: This parameter works the same as it sounds; it provides regular space between the words. We can also say that this is the default space provided by the browser.
  • Length: If we want to provide additional spaces then this parameter is used. In this parameter, we can give values in px, in, cm, em, etc.


element_name {word-spacing:value;}

Example of CSS word-spacing Property

         text-align: center;
         background-color: honeydew;
         word-spacing: 5cm;
         font-size: 45px;
         color: blue;
         word-spacing: 20px;
         font-size: 40px;
         color: rebeccapurple;
         word-spacing: 80in;
         font-size: 50px;
         color: red;
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Example: CSS word-spacing Property


In the above example, I've taken three heading tags and I've tried to explain how we can apply a different set of values to apply word-spacing property? You can also use negative values in this property; it will merge the words depending upon the range of values provided.

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