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This section contains solved java programs on various conversions like string to other data type conversion, and other data type to string conversions, etc.

List of Java Conversion Programs

  1. Conversion from Integer to String in Java
  2. Conversion from Double to String in Java
  3. Conversion from Long to String in Java
  4. Conversion from Float to String in Java
  5. Conversion from String to Integer in Java
  6. Conversion from String to Double in Java
  7. Conversion from String to Long in Java
  8. Conversion from String to Float in Java
  9. Java program to convert string to byte
  10. Java program to convert a string into a short integer
  11. Java program to convert byte into the string
  12. Java program to convert a short integer into a string
  13. Java program to convert an integer array into the string using the '+' operator

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