Java List Programs

In Java, List provides the facility to maintain an ordered collection. List contains the index-based methods to insert, update, delete and search the elements. Lists can be implemented by using the ArrayList, LinkedList, Stack, and Vector. ArrayList and LinkedList are widely used in Java programming.

This section contains the solved Java programs on Lists. Practice these Lists programs to enhance the Java coding skills, each program contains the solved code, output, and explanation.

List of Java List Programs

  1. Integer List Example (Create, Add elements, Remove and print) in Java
  2. Add object/element to the List at specified index in Java
  3. Get an element/object from given index of a List in Java
  4. Replace an element at given index of a List with new element in Java
  5. List of Strings example in Java
  6. Traverse the List elements using next() and hasNext() methods in Java
  7. Difference between next() and hasNext() methods in Java collections

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