Java Stack Programs

In Java, the Stack class is used to model and implement a Stack data structure. The class is based on the basic principle of last-in-first-out.

This section contains the solved programs on Java Stack, practice these programs to learn the concept of Java Stack class. These programs contain the solved code, explanation, and output used in the Java Stack programs.

List of Java Stack Programs

  1. Java program to create a stack using Stack collection
  2. Java program to create a stack with hybrid items using Stack collection
  3. Java program to perform push and pop operations in a Stack collection
  4. Java program to search an item in a Stack collection
  5. Java program to check whether a Stack collection is empty or not
  6. Java program to get the topmost element from Stack collection without removing it
  7. Java program to compare two Stack collections
  8. Java program to convert a Stack collection into an Object array
  9. Java program to create a Stack collection of objects of a class
  10. Java program to get the size of Stack collection
  11. Java program to traverse a Stack collection using the 'foreach' loop
  12. Java program to add a Stack collection into another Stack collection
  13. Java program to add an ArrayList into Stack collection

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