Java Threading Programs

In Java, threading (multithreading) is a process that allows concurrent execution of two or more parts of a program (thread) for maximum utilization of CPU. Threads can be implemented by using two mechanisms:

  • Extending the Thread class
  • Implementing the Runnable Interface

This section contains the solved programs on Java threading, practice these programs to learn the concept of Java threading/multithreading. These programs contain the solved code, explanation, and output used in the Java threading programs.

List of Java Threading Programs

  1. Java program to create a thread by extending the Thread class
  2. Java program to create a thread by implementing a Runnable interface
  3. Java program to set and print thread name
  4. Java program to print the thread Id of a thread
  5. Java program to create multiple threads
  6. Java program to sleep a thread
  7. Java program to set a thread name using the setName() method
  8. Java program to get thread priority
  9. Java program to set thread priority
  10. Java program to get information of the current executing thread
  11. Java program to get the state of the currently executing thread
  12. Java program to check thread is alive or not
  13. Java program to suspend a thread
  14. Java program to suspend and resume a thread
  15. Java program to stop a thread
  16. Java program to demonstrate the Thread.join() method
  17. Java program to interrupt the execution of a thread
  18. Java program to create a group of a thread
  19. Java program to count active threads of a thread group
  20. Java program to destroy a thread group
  21. Java program to get max priority of ThreadGroup
  22. Java program to set max priority of ThreadGroup
  23. Java program to check whether a thread group is destroyed or not
  24. Java program to print thread group Information

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