Java Inheritance Programs

In Java programming, inheritance is an important concept of OOPs (Object Oriented Programming System). It is a mechanism in which one object acquires all the properties and behaviors of a parent object.

This section contains the solved programs on Java inheritance, practice these programs to learn the concept of Java inheritance. These programs contain the solved code, explanation, and output used in the Java inheritance programs.

List of Java Inheritance Programs

  1. Java program to implement single inheritance
  2. Java program to implement multi-level inheritance
  3. Java program to implement hierarchical inheritance
  4. Java program to call a superclass constructor from sub/child class
  5. Java program to call the method with the same name using super keyword
  6. Java program to create an employee class by inheriting Person class
  7. Java program to override a base class method into a derived class
  8. Java program to demonstrate the protected access specifier

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