Python program to accept the strings which contains all vowels

Here, we will take a string as input from the user and then accept all the strings containing all vowels using Python.
Submitted by Shivang Yadav, on April 15, 2021

Python programming language is a high-level and object-oriented programming language. Python is an easy to learn, powerful high-level programming language. It has a simple but effective approach to object-oriented programming.

Strings in Python are immutable means they cannot be changed once defined.

Accepting strings containing all vowels in Python

We will take a string as input from the user and then return YES or NO based on the presence of all vowels in the string.


The string does not contain 'a' and 'o' vowels. 


We will accept only those strings which have all vowels present in them.

To check if the string contains all vowels, we will create a set of vowels and then if any character from the array is a vowel. We will delete it from the vowel set. At the end, if the vowel set's length is 0, then print "YES" otherwise "No".

Program to accept a string containing all vowels

# Python program to check if the string 
# contains all vowels or not

# Getting string input from the user 
myStr =  input('Enter the string : ')

# Checking if the string contains all vowels or not
myStr = myStr.lower()
allVowels = set("aeiou")

for char in myStr :
    if char in allVowels :

print("Entered String is ", myStr)
if len(allVowels) == 0:
    print("The string contains all vowels")
else :
    print("The string does not contain all vowels")


RUN 1:
Enter the string : IncludeHelp
Entered String is  includehelp
The string does not contain all vowels

RUN 2:
Enter the string : I am reading our book
Entered String is  i am reading our book
The string contains all vowels

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