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Abhishek Kataria

I am a computer science student pursuing B.E from Rustamji Institute of technology. I have an excellent communication skill which helps me to present points clearly and precisely. I like to work on a project which has a large scope of learning and challenging. I have experience of 2 years in working with the team, which has participated in ESVC(electric solar vehicle championship) and IASC (into Asian solar challenge) in which we had achieved overall runner-up tag.

I have interest in learning new technologies and also have handed over on C, C++ and many more. I am a good reader and love to write in my comfort time. Apart from studies I also dream to explore the world.

Thank you! It will be great if I can help anyone if anybody has any kind of problem.

His submissions

Data Structure

  1. Hashing (Hash table, Hash functions and its characteristics).
  2. Augmenting Data Structure.
  3. Red Black Tree (Properties, Advantages, Inserting Nodes).
  4. Heap Sort (Introduction, Algorithm and Program using C).
  5. Traversal technique for Binary Tree.
  6. Introduction to B Tree and its operations.


  1. Top 5 websites for learning C programming language.


  1. Storage classes in C programming language.


  1. External Merge Sorting Algorithm.
  2. Dynamic Programming (Components, Applications and Elements).
  3. Huffman Coding (Algorithm, Example and Time complexity).
  4. Bucket Sort Algorithm.
  5. Line Drawing Algorithm.
  6. Kruskal's (P) and Prim's (K) Algorithms.
  7. Algorithm for fractional knapsack problem.
  8. Algorithm and procedure to solve a longest common subsequence problem.
  9. Midpoint Circle Algorithm.

Computer Science Organization

  1. Computer Science Organization | Addressing Modes.
  2. Computer Science Organization | Bus.
  3. Computer Science Organization | Instruction Format.
  4. Computer Science Organization | Cache Memory.
  5. Computer Science Organization | Virtual Memory.
  6. Computer Science Organization | Control Unit.
  7. Booth's Algorithm | Computer Science Organization.

Operating systems

  1. CPU Scheduling | Operating System.
  2. Disk Scheduling | Operating System.
  3. Threading in Operating System.

Computer Graphics

  1. Ellipse Algorithm | Computer Graphics.
  2. Boundary fill and Flood fill Algorithm | Computer Graphics.

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