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Sneha Dujaniya

Hello everyone!

I am Sneha Dujaniya from Chhattisgarh. I am currently pursuing my degree in B. Tech (CSE) with specialization in cloud computing from Mody University of Science and Technology, Laxmangarh, Rajasthan. I am an avid reader and love to write in my leisure time. As of now, I have learned computer languages like C, C++, JAVA, HTML, MySQL, etc. and I also love to code. I have also worked on many projects in languages like JAVA, C, and C++.

Apart from studies and unlike many engineers who are mostly considered studious, I also dream to travel the world. I always had interest in Indian and World Economics and I am sure that one day I will chase all my dreams.

Thank you! It would be a great pleasure to help if anybody has any kind of problems in the languages mentioned above.

Her submissions


  1. Find the roots of a complex polynomial equation using Regula Falsi Method in C.


  1. Graphics in C language (graphics.h header file functions and examples).
  2. Looping Tutorial in C programming.
  3. Nested Loops in C programming language.
  4. Strings in C language programming.
  5. Standard Library String functions in C language.
  6. C program to solve Polynomial and Differential Equations.
  7. Switch Case Tutorial, Syntax, Examples and Rules in C language.
  8. Recursion Tutorial, Example, Advantages and Disadvantages in C language.
  9. C program to implement Interpolation Search Algorithm
  10. C program to implement Insertion Sort Algorithm
  11. C program to implement Recursive Insertion Sort
  12. C program to implement Bubble Sort
  13. C program to implement Optimized Bubble Sort
  14. C program to implement Selection Sort Algorithm
  15. C program to implement Gnome Sorting Algorithm
  16. C program to implement Merge Sort Algorithm
  17. C program to implement Quick Sort Algorithm
  18. C program to implement Heap Sort Algorithm

Operating System

  1. Introduction of Deadlock in Operating System

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