Data Structure using C and C++ programming


  1. Reverse a string using stack.
  2. Print the characters in sorted order using hash table.


  1. Find out the element which occurs once in the array.
  2. Check if a given array is pair wise sorted or not.
  3. Sparse matrix for 3-tuple method using Array.
  4. Find the maximum AND value of a pair in an array of N integers.
  5. Find the maximum product formed by multiplying numbers of an increasing subsequence of an array.


  1. How to create a Double Stack?

Liked List

  1. Singly Linked List implementation in C.

Circular Array

  1. Circular queue using array.
  2. Divide a circular region into two parts with minimal difference of angle.
  3. Length of longest increasing circular subarray.


  1. Implementation of Deque using Array.
  2. Implementation of priority queue using linked list.


  1. Insertion, Deletion and Traversal in Binary Search Tree.
  2. Insertion in AVL Tree using C program.
  3. Creating a minimum spanning tree from Kruskal's algorithm.
  4. Creating minimum spanning tree from Prim's algorithm.


  1. Find occurrence of each element in an array using simple method O(n^2) and hashing O(n) time.


  1. Program for insertion and deletion in heap.


  1. Creation of adjacency matrix.
  2. Addition and deletion of nodes and edges in a graph using adjacency matrix.
  3. Shortest path between two nodes in graph using Djikstra algorithm.
  4. Insertion and deletion of nodes and edges in a graph using adjacency list.
  5. Modified Warshall's algorithm to find shortest path matrix.
  6. Topological sorting.


  1. How shell sort works and how to sort an array by using shell sort?
  2. Complete algorithm of Quick Sort in Data Structure.
  3. Sorting using Address Calculation Sort.
  4. What is heap sort and how it works?
  5. What is radix sort, why it is called non-comparative integer sorting?
  6. Program to merge two sorted arrays into a third sorted array in data structure.
  7. Implementing insertion sort using C.
  8. How to use Selection Sort in Data Structure?
  9. Merge Sort with and without Recursion using C program.


  1. Find the factorial of any number with the use of tail recursion.


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