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Java program to create directory/folder in particular drive

In this Java program, we will learn how we can create a directory or a folder? To create a directory, we use File.mkdir() method in Java.
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This is a method of "File" class in Java and used to create a directory at specified path, it return true if directory creates or returns false if directory does not create.

Here, first of all we are creating an object name dir of "File" class by specifying the "directory name with the path (drive name)" and then we are using dir.mkdir() method to create directory (Here, dir is an object of "File" class).

Program to create directory in Java

import java.io.*;

public class CreateDirectory {
  public static void main(String[] args) {
    //object of File class with file path and name
    File dir = new File("E:/IHelp");

    //method 'mkdir' to create directroy and result
    //is getting stored in 'isDirectoryCreated'
    //which will be either 'true' or 'false'
    boolean isDirectoryCreated = dir.mkdir();

    //displaying results
    if (isDirectoryCreated)
      System.out.println("Directory successfully created: " + dir);
      System.out.println("Directory was not created successfully: " + dir);


Directory successfully created: E:\IHelp

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