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Java program to check whether input number is EVEN or ODD

Check EVEN or ODD in Java: In this program, we will input an integer number and check whether it is EVEN or ODD.

Given an Integer number and we have to check whether number is EVEN or ODD.

To check number is EVEN or ODD: we will divide number by 2 and check remainder is ZERO or not, if remainder is ZERO, number will be EVEN others number will be ODD.

Consider the program:

import java.util.*;

/* Java Program to check whether entered number is EVEN or ODD */

public class j6 
	public static void main(String args[])
		Scanner sc=new Scanner(System.in);
		int num;

		System.out.print("Enter an integer number: ");
		//check EVEN or ODD
		if(num%2 ==0)
			System.out.println(num +" is an EVEN number.");
			System.out.println(num +" is an ODD number.");


First Run:
Enter an integer number: 123
123 is an ODD number.

Second Run:
Enter an integer number: 166
166 is an EVEN number.

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