Java program to convert any type of value to string value using String.valueOf() method

String.valueOf() method - Here, you will learn how to convert any type of value like integer, float, etc to string using String.valueOf(), method which is a built-in method of String class.


This is a predefined (in-built) function of String class; it returns string value of any type of value.

Consider the program:

Given different type of values and we have to convert and print them in string format.

class ConvertIntoString
	public static void main(String args[])
		//define different type of values
		int intVal=120;
		float floatVal=12.34f;
		double doubleVal=2345.0d;
		boolean booleanVal=true;

		System.out.println("After converting into string");
		//printing values in string format 
		System.out.println("String value of intVal: "+ String.valueOf(intVal));
		System.out.println("String value of floatVal: "+ String.valueOf(floatVal));
		System.out.println("String value of doubleVal: "+ String.valueOf(doubleVal));
		System.out.println("String value of booleanVal: "+ String.valueOf(booleanVal));  


Complie: javac
Run: java ConvertIntoString


After converting into string
String value of intVal: 120
String value of floatVal: 12.34
String value of doubleVal: 2345.0
String value of booleanVal: true    

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