Scala program to demonstrate the match statement

Here, we are going to demonstrate the match statement in Scala programming language.
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Scala – Match Statement Example

Here, we will demonstrate the match statement. The match statement is similar to the switch statement of other programming languages. Here, we will define specific cases. In the match statement case underscore (case _) is used for the default case.

Scala code to demonstrate the example of match statement

The source code to demonstrate the match statement is given below. The given program is compiled and executed on the ubuntu 18.04 operating system successfully.

// Scala program to demonstrate the match statement

object Sample{  
    def main(args:Array[String]){
        var num:Int = 0
        print("Enter Number: ")
        num match{  
            case 1 => println("One")  
            case 2 => println("Two")  
            case 3 => println("Three")  
            case 4 => println("Four")  
            case _ => println("Unknown Number")  


Enter Number: 3


In the above program, we used an object-oriented approach to create the program. Here, we created an object Sample. We defined main() function. The main() function is the entry point for the program.

In the main() function, we created an integer variable num, which is initialized with 0. Here, we read the value of the num variable and then match entered value in specified cases. After that, we printed the appropriate message based on the matched case on the console screen.

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