AdonisJs – a Node.js web framework

  1. How to install AdonisJs in Ubuntu?
  2. How to create the boilerplate for AdonisJs & details on the created directory structure?
  3. Database Migrations in AdonisJs
  4. Understanding Migration Scripts in AdonisJs
  5. Creating Migration Scripts in AdonisJs
  6. Introduction to Lucid Models in AdonisJs
  7. Creating a lucid model in AdonisJs
  8. Introduction to Controllers in AdonisJs
  9. Request and response in AdonisJs
  10. Creating Endpoints in Postman
  11. Creating a controller to handle CRUD endpoints in AdonisJs
  12. Middlewares and Auth Middleware in AdonisJs
  13. Handling User registration & Login in AdonisJs
  14. Auth methods, jwt tokens & password hashing in AdonisJs
  15. How passwords are stored in the database in AdonisJs?
  16. Handling PUT Request in AdonisJs | Part 1
  17. AdonisJs | Lucid Query Builders | Part 1
  18. AdonisJs | Lucid Query Builders | Part 2
  19. Authenticate incoming requests in AdonisJs
  20. Create new instances in the database from POST requests in AdonisJs

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