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Java program to check whether year is Leap year or not

There are two conditions to check Leap year.

  1. For century years- year must be divisible by 400.
  2. For non century years- year must divisible by 4 (in 2nd condition after || operator, there is a condition year%100!=0 it means when year is not divisible by 100 that means it is non century years.

Check Leap Year using Java Program

//Java program to check whether year is Leap year or not.
import java.util.*;
class LeapYear
    public static void main(String []s)
        int year;
        Scanner sc=new Scanner (System.in);
            System.out.print("Enter year:");
            if((year%400==0)||(year%100!=0 && year%4==0))
                System.out.println(year+" is a Leap Year.");
                System.out.println(year+" is not a Leap Year.");
        catch (Exception Ex)
            System.out.println("Oops ... : " + Ex.toString());


    Complie 	:	javac LeapYear.java
    Run		:	java LeapYear
    First Run:
    Enter year:2000
    2000 is a Leap Year.

    Second Run:
    Enter year:2100
    2100 is not a Leap Year.

    Third Run:
    Enter year:2004
    2004 is a Leap Year.

    Fourth Run:
    Enter year:2005
    2005 is not a Leap Year.

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