Kotlin example of creating triple using the constructor

Example to create triple using the constructor in Kotlin.
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In Kotlin, the constructor is same as other programming languages, it is a special kind of member function that is invoked when an object is being created and it is primarily used for initializing the variables or properties.

Here is the syntax to create a new instance of the Triple:

Triple(first: A, second: B, third: C)

In the below examples, we will create a triple by using the constructor.

Example 1:

fun main() {
  // creating a new instance of the Triple
  val(a, b, c) = Triple(10, 20, 30)

  // Printing the values



Example 2:

fun main() {
	// creating a new instance of the Triple
	val (name, age, city) = Triple("Alvin", 35, "New York")

	// Printing the values
	println("Name: $name")
	println("Age: $age")
	println("City: $city")


Name: Alvin
Age: 35
City: New York

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