Kotlin Exception Handling Programs

Exception handling is a technique by which we can handle errors and prevent run time crashes that can stop our program. There are two types of exceptions – Checked Exception and Unchecked Exception that can be easily handled by exception handing in Kotlin.

This section contains the solved programs on Kotlin exception handling, practice these programs to learn the concept of the exception handling in Kotlin. These programs contain the solved code, explanation, and output used in the Kotlin exception handling programs.

List of Kotlin Exception Handling Programs

  1. Kotlin program of arithmetic exception handling using try-catch block
  2. Kotlin program of using try-catch as an expression
  3. Kotlin program of using finally block with try block
  4. Kotlin program of using finally block with try-catch block
  5. Kotlin program of using throw keyword
  6. Kotlin program to demonstrate the nested try block

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