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Guide to Run Kotlin programming language’s programs

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to run a kotlin program, how to setup an environment to run a kotlin program?
Submitted by Aman Gautam, on November 25, 2017

To run Kotlin program, java must be installed on the system. Then We can use any java compiler to write Kotlin programs like Intellij IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans. In this article I have use Intellij IDEA compiler. You can download Intellij Idea from this link. The latest version can run Kotlin programs without any plugin or add-on.

Here is the step by step guide to create Kotlin project and run Kotlin program in the Intellij Compiler:

1. Open Intellij Idea.

kotlin guide to run program

2. File → New → Project

3. Select Kotlin from side menu and then Kotlin(JVM)

kotlin guide to run program

4. Name the project

5. Locate the project location and the Project SDK(java JDK)

kotlin guide to run program

6. Click Finish

7. Right click on ‘src’ under project and then select new → Kotlin File

kotlin guide to run program

8. Name the program

kotlin guide to run program

9. Write Kotlin program in the editor

kotlin guide to run program

10. To run one can either right click anywhere on editor and then select run or select run from run tab.

kotlin guide to run program


kotlin guide to run program

11. We will get desired output.

kotlin guide to run program

So this was a guide to run a Kotlin program. If anyone face any problem, please write in comment box.

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