Kotlin Regular Expression (Regex) Programs

In Kotlin, the Regex class provides the functionality of regular expression. An object of the Regex class represents a regular expression, that can be used for string matching purposes.

This section contains the solved programs on Kotlin regular expression, practice these programs to learn the concept of the regular expression. These programs contain the solved code, explanation, and output used in the Kotlin regular expression programs.

List of Kotlin Regular Expression (Regex) Programs

  1. Example of containsMatchIn() function in Kotlin
  2. Example of find() function in Kotlin
  3. Example of findAll() function in Kotlin
  4. Example of matches() function in Kotlin
  5. Example of matchEntire() function in Kotlin
  6. Example of replace() function in Kotlin
  7. Example of replaceFirst() function in Kotlin
  8. Example of split() function in Kotlin

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