Example of replace() function in Kotlin

Learn about the replace() function in Kotlin, and demonstrate the example of the replace() function.
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replace() Function

The replace() function returns a new string with all occurrences of oldChar (string to be replaced) replaced with newChar (string to replace with).


fun String.replace(
    oldChar: Char,
    newChar: Char,
    ignoreCase: Boolean = false
): String

Kotlin program to demonstrate the example of replace() function

// Example of replace() function
fun main()
	// Demonstrating the replace() function
	val pattern = Regex("Hi")

	// Replace all "Hi" with "Hello"
	println(pattern.replace("Hi, there.", "Hello"))
	println(pattern.replace("Hi Alex! Please say Hi to Boss.", "Hello"))
	println(pattern.replace("IncludeHelp", "Okay"))


Hello, there.
Hello Alex! Please say Hello to Boss.

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