List of all latest and popular puzzles with solutions

  1. Puzzle 33) Sitting Arrangement.
    Aeris and his 3 friends become so talkative that their teacher decides to make boys sit with five girls. Now the teacher is confused how to make it possible. Your task is to help the teacher to make such arrangement.
  2. Puzzle 32) The Lucky Number.
    Anuj, an intelligent boy discovers some new numbers named them as The Lucky Numbers. These numbers has the following special characteristics:
  3. Puzzle 31) The archery match.
    In an archery match, scoring of target was 40 for the bull's-eye, 39 for the outer ring of bull’s eye, and 24,23, 17, and 16 respectively for the outer rings of one another respectively, as shown below.
  4. Puzzle 30) Rohit and the squares game.
    Rohit and his friend playing a simple game of squares .This game consists of nine small squares within a large square (as shown below) and provide a box of matchsticks. The game is, placing one matchstick at a time alternately, to enclose more small squares than his friend. For every small square that he enclose he score one point and get an extra move. Twelve matchsticks are already placed, both of them made six moves each, and, as he had made the first move, it is now Rohit’s turn to place a matchstick.
  5. Puzzle 29) Word ASHISH and its Permutation.
    Ashish and Robin were good friend. One day Ashish ask robin to find out the number of ways in which letters of word ASHISH can be arranged. Now Robin is confused that how can he calculate the number of ways in which word ASHISH is arranged. Now your task is to help Robin by finding the number of ways in which letters of word ASHISH can be arranged.
  6. Puzzle 28) Four brothers and annual property.
    Four brothers Rohan, Sohan, Mohan and Raju are at their annual family property fight sitting across a circular table. Their occupations are - author, biologist, chemist and doctor, but not necessarily in that order. Raju starts by setting the agenda of the meeting and after him the doctor gives a long discourse of what is right and what is wrong. Rohan is sitting across the doctor and next to the chemist. Mohan is silent throughout the meeting and the chemist speaks only at the very end.
  7. Puzzle 27) Engineers and Newspaper.
    Four of engineers of RJIT, are of branchesCE, SE, EE and AE, read a certain number of newspapers early in the morning. One of them reads four newspapers, another reads three newspapers, the third reads two newspapers while the fourth one reads one newspaper. Below are some additional facts regarding the names of these officers...
  8. Puzzle 26) Bikes and Distance.
    The distance between two stations X and Y is 230 kilometers. Two bikes start simultaneously from X and Y respectively, towards each other and the distance between them after 3 hours is 20 km. If the speed of one bike is less than that of the other by 10 km/hour, now your task is to find out the speed of slower bike.
  9. Puzzle 25) Bus and its speed
    A bus after travelling 50 km from A faces an accident and proceeds at 4/5th of the initial speed and reaches its destination 45 minutes late. Had the accident happened 20 km. further, it would have arrived 12 min. sooner. Find the original speed and the distance of the bus.
  10. PUZZLE 24) A family party.
    A certain family party consisted of 1 grandfather, 1 grandmother, 2 fathers, 2 mothers, 4 children, 3 grandchildren, 1 brother, 2 sisters, 2 sons, 2 daughters, 1 father-in-law, 1 mother-in-law, and 1 daughter-in-law. Twenty-three people, you will say. No; there were only seven persons present. Can you show how this might be?
  11. Puzzle 23) Cricket.
    In a fifty over one-day international match, 49.4 balls are bowled. Last two balls… Seven runs to win… it is ninth wicket partnership… Last two batsmen are at 94 runs each.
    The team won and both batsmen made centuries. How could it be possible?
  12. Puzzle 22) Come Down.
    You are standing at the top of a 100 meter tall building, you have a rope 75 meters long and the only way you can come down is through the rope. You can cut the rope anywhereyou want, you also can tie or hook it at any point on the building, but you can’t jump and of course don’t even think about the stairs. Find out the best way to come down.
  13. Puzzle 21) The Odd Coin.
    You have 12 gold coins of same weight except one, which weighs less than others. You are given a balance machine but no weighing measures. You can use the balance machine three times only. The balance machine tells you just which side weighs more. How can you find the odd coin just by weighing the available coins?
  14. Puzzle 20) Amit and The Barbershop.
    Amit Arrives in a small town and decide to get a haircut. There are only two barbershops in the town- one on East Lane and one on West Lane. The East Lane barbershop is a mess, and the barber has the worst haircut amit has ever seen. The WestLane barbershop is spick and span, its (barber’s) hair looks stylish as good as a model. In which barbershop does amit go for his haircut, and why?
  15. Puzzle 19) Anuj and Train.
    Anuj lives 40 km far from his work place. He commonly uses local trains to travel between his home and his work place. One day Anuj late for his train If Anuj walks at the rate of 5 km / h, he misses the train by 6 minutes. However, if he walks at the rate of 6 km / h, he reaches the station 6 minutes before the arrival of the train. Find the distance between his house and station.
  16. Puzzle 18) Number Plates of Defence colony.
    A new defence colony is constructed in defence area. The builder of defence area is suffering from a problem that he doesn’t know that How many house number plates in a newly constructed defence colony can be made, if the no. plates have two letters of English alphabet followed by a two- digit no., if repetition of digits or alphabets is not allowed? He asked you to solve this problem. Now your task is to find out number of number plates which builder can create by applying above conditions.
  17. Puzzle 17) Vivek and Alphabetical order.
    A boy named Vivek is interested in solving alphabetical puzzles. He refers many different book in search of puzzle regarding alphabets. One day he found a unique puzzle based on alphabetical order. In the puzzle all the capital letters of the English alphabet from A to Z followed by the lower case letter from ‘a’ to ‘z’ are placed one in each slot, in 52 slots around a circle in clockwise direction. All the slots are counted in the clockwise direction starting with the slot containing A, and the letter in every fifth slot is removed. Now he has to find out that how many more slots will have letters left in them immediately after ‘m’ is removed from its slot?
  18. Puzzle 16) Dollars and Cents.
    A man entered a store and spent one-half of the money that was in his pocket.
    When he came out, he found that he had just as many cents as he had dollars when he went in and half as many dollars as he had cents when he went in.
    How much money did he have when he entered the store?
  19. Puzzle 15) Dark Phobia
    Four friends Amit, Abhigyan, Abhishek and Deepak want to get through a tunnel. Abhishek can make it in 1 minute, Amit in 2 minutes, Abhigyan in 4 minutes and Deepak in 5 minutes. Unluckily through the narrow tunnel not more than two persons can go at once, moving at the speed of the slower one. Will they all be able to make it if they have a torch that lasts only 12 minutes and they have darkness phobia?
  20. Puzzle 14) Man and his clothes.
    A man sold 38 pieces of clothes. These 38 piece of cloths were divided into shirts, trouser, and ties. If he sold at least 11 pieces of each items and he sold more shirts than trousers, and more trousers than ties. Now you have to find out the number of ties that the man must have sold.
  21. Puzzle 13) Roshan and his Number.
    Roshan have a favorite number and he give some information regarding his number. The information is that the sum of square of the digits constituting a positive two- digit number is 13. If we subtract 9 from that number, we shall get the number written by the same digit in reverse order. Now you have to find Roshan’s favorite number.
  22. Puzzle 12) Ayush and Basket.
    A naughty boy Ayush watches Sachin Tendulkar’s innings and act according to number of runs scored by Sachin Tendulkar. Ayush have a basket which he used to put some fruits. As we know that Ayush acts according to number of runs scored by Sachin Tendulkar in an innings. The details of above information are given as follow...
  23. Puzzle 11) Sushil and its Fruits Shop.
    A boy named Sushil have a fruits shop in Mumbai. In his fruit shop the cost of four mangoes, six guavas and sixteen watermelons is 500Rs, while the cost of seven mangoes, nine guavas and nineteen watermelons is 620Rs. Now Sushil needs your help to calculate the cost of one mango, one guava, and one watermelon.
  24. Puzzle 10) Himanshu and its four- Digit Number.
    Himanshu is interested in solving logical and mathematical problems. One day he got a problem in which he has to find out the greatest number of four digits that when the number is divided by any of the numbers 6, 9, 12, 17 leaves a reminder 1. Now himanshu needs your help to find the greatest four- digit number which satisfy above condition.
  25. Puzzle 9) Deepak and its two Digit Number.
    Deepak is an engineering student. He likes to plays with numbers. One day he asked a question to his friend Abhishek. Deepak said that he takes a two-digit integer number. He says that when he multiplies its two- digit integer by the sum of its digits, 405 is achieved. And If he multiplies its number written in reverse order of the same digits by the sum of digits, he get 486. Now Abhishek wants your help to find out the two-digit number taken by Deepak.
  26. Puzzle 8) Birds and Branches.
    Some birds settle on the branch of tree. First, they sat in a manner that each bird sit on one branch. That means each branch contain a single bird. In this case a single bird left to sit or a single bird don’t get space to sit. Next day birds are sitting in a manner that two birds were sitting in a single branch. In this day a branch remains empty. Now you have to find out the minimum number of birds and branches.
  27. Puzzle 7) Krishna and his savings.
    A boy named Krishna lives in Indore in hostel. Krishna’s father gives him pocket money in every 3 months. One day Krishna thinks that he should starts saving his pocket money and he decides to start saving his money for future. On 1st January 2017, Krishna saved 1Rs. Everyday starting from 2nd January 2017, he saved1Rs more than previous day. Now you have to find out the first date at which the amount saved by Krishna will be a perfect square?
  28. Puzzle 6) Magical Scarf.
    A magic rectangular scarf shrinks its length to ½ and width 1/3 whenever its owner makes a wish. After three such wishes, its surface was 1 cm. What was the original width, if the original length was 4 cm?
  29. Puzzle 5) Bulbs and Switches.
    Suppose you are in a room with 3 switches. In next to room there are 3 bulbs (in off state), each switch is link to some bulb. It is impossible to see from one room to another. Your task is to find out, which switch stand to which bulb, if you may enter the bulb room exactly once.
  30. Puzzle 4) Rohan and Traffic light.
    In Delhi a boy named Rohan lives. Rohan have a tea stall in Delhi which is run by his father. One day his father told Rohan to sit in the shop for a day. There are three traffic lights in front of its tea stall. The first light changes after 30 seconds, second light changes after 45 second and third light changes after 60 seconds. Rohan observes that after some time all three lights changes simultaneously. If the lights first switched on at 12: 00 PM, then you have to tell after how much time the lights changes simultaneously?
  31. Puzzle 3) Cab and its Rates.
    In Gwalior city a new cab company formed. This cab company has its own methodology to calculate the amount. The cab in Gwalior has following formula based upon its meter reading. The meter reading is rounded up to the next higher multiple of 4. For instance, if the meter reading is 39 paisa, then it is rounded up to 40 paisa. The resultant is multiplied by 12. The final result is round off to the nearest multiple of 25 paisa. Now you have to tell that if 45 paisaare meter reading of cab then how much amount customer have to pay.
  32. Puzzle 2) Manish and his Birthday Cake
    Manish’s friends brought a cake for him on his birthday. The cake is completely round in shape. There are total eight persons including Manish in the Manish’s birthday party. Everyone wants cake and Manish is only allowing to do 3 straight cuts on cake. Besides he wants that everyone gets the same size of piece. Now you have to tell that how can Manish cut his cake so that each person in party get same amount of cake?
  33. Puzzle 1) The Magical Elephant
    There is a pet shop in Delhi. There is a magical elephant in the shop. This elephant doubles in size every day. Abhigyan is interested in this elephant and he bought a baby elephant from the shop. In 10 days the size of elephant is enough to cover its room. Now you have to tell that how many days it takes to cover the room if Abhigyan brought 2 magic elephants?

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