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Puzzle 27) Engineers and Newspaper

Submitted by Amit Shukla, on September 30, 2017

Direction of Puzzle

Four of engineers of RJIT, are of branchesCE, SE, EE and AE, read a certain number of newspapers early in the morning. One of them reads four newspapers, another reads three newspapers, the third reads two newspapers while the fourth one reads one newspaper. Below are some additional facts regarding the names of these officers:

  1. Nahiri is not the EE.
  2. Hari is the AE.
  3. Nahiri is not the CE and he reads more number of newspapers than Lahiri.
  4. The one who is the CE reads more number of newspapers than Lahiri.
  5. The person who is the SE reads the maximum number of newspapers.
  6. Bahiri does not read two newspapers.

Question - Which of the following statements is necessarily true?

  1. Hari is the AE and reads two newspapers.
  2. Lahiri is the EE and reads one newspaper.
  3. Bahiri is the CE and reads three newspapers.
  4. Nahiri is the EE and reads four newspapers.


(c) Bahiri is the CE and reads three newspapers.


From statement (ii), Hari is AE. From Statements (i) and (iii), Nahiri is not the CE or the EE. Hence Nahiri is the SE and reads 4 newspapers as from Statement (v). From Statement (iv), Lahiri is not the CE; this obviously means that Lahiri is the EE and Bahiri is the CE. From Statement (iv) and (vi), Bahiri reads three newspapers. As he reads more than at least one person, we cannot allocate one newspaper to him. Hence Bahiri must read three newspapers. Hence the final distribution is as follows: Engineer Name No. of Newspapers...

AE Hari 2/1
CE Bahiri 3
SE Nahiri 4
EE Lahiri 1/2
Hence, option (c) is the correct answer.



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