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Puzzle 1) The Magical Elephant

Submitted by Amit Shukla, on August 04, 2017


There is a pet shop in Delhi. There is a magical elephant in the shop. This elephant doubles in size every day. Abhigyan is interested in this elephant and he bought a baby elephant from the shop. In 10 days the size of elephant is enough to cover its room. Now you have to tell that how many days it takes to cover the room if Abhigyan brought 2 magic elephants?

Important points of puzzle:

  1. "Magical elephant" doubles in size each day.
  2. One elephant cover Abhigyan’s room in 10 days.
  3. If he buys 2 magical elephants.
  4. How many days it needs to cover its room.


9 Days.


Cover the room with 2 elephants will take only one less day than cover the room with one elephant. Because, if one elephant takes 10 days to cover the room, it means that it covers half of the room in 9 days. Hence in 9 days each of the elephant covers half of the room. So, it takes 9 days to cover a room.

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