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Puzzle 23) Cricket

Submitted by Abhishek Jain, on August 25, 2017


In a fifty over one-day international match, 49.4 balls are bowled. Last two balls… Seven runs to win… it is ninth wicket partnership… Last two batsmen are at 94 runs each.

The team won and both batsmen made centuries. How could it be possible?

(Note: Don’t think of a no-ball, free hit, wide,hitting the helmet etc. leg bye ,bye and wide are counted as extra runs, which does not affects the player’s individual score and as a six from a no ball makes seven runs and the team wins.The other bats man does not get an opportunity to complete his century.)

This puzzle is more complicated than what you think. Try...


First batsman hits for three runs, but runs one short (When a batsman does not keep his bat properly in the crease while running, it is called a short run. In short run, one run is less counted, but the batsmen would change their positions.). Meanwhile there was an overthrow for a four, and in to six runs were credited to the batsman, who is on the other side now. The team is one run short of victory. Next batsman hits a six, to reach his century. There is one more answer. Think.

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