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Puzzle 13) Roshan and his Number

Submitted by Amit Shukla, on August 10, 2017


Roshan have a favorite number and he give some information regarding his number. The information is that the sum of square of the digits constituting a positive two- digit number is 13. If we subtract 9 from that number, we shall get the number written by the same digit in reverse order. Now you have to find Roshan’s favorite number.

Important points of puzzle:

  1. Sum of square of the digits of a two- digit number is 13.
  2. On subtracting 9 from that number.
  3. We get a number written by same digit.
  4. In reverse order.
  5. Now find that number.




For sum of square of digits to be 13, it is obvious that the digits should be 2 and 3. So the number can be only 23 or 32. Further, the number being referred to 32 since the reduction of 9 reverse the digit. Hence the required number is 32.

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