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Puzzle 14) Man and his clothes

Submitted by Amit Shukla, on August 10, 2017


A man sold 38 pieces of clothes. These 38 piece of cloths were divided into shirts, trouser, and ties. If he sold at least 11 pieces of each items and he sold more shirts than trousers, and more trousers than ties. Now you have to find out the number of ties that the man must have sold.

Important points of puzzle:

  1. A man sold 38 clothes.
  2. These pieces are divided into shirt, trousers and ties.
  3. He sold at least 11 piece of each item.
  4. He sold more shirt then trouser.
  5. He sold more trouser than ties.
  6. Now find the number of ties he must have to sold.


At least 11.


According to problem there are 38 pieces sold by person. And he sold at least 11 of each item. As we know that he sold more shirts than trousers, and more trousers than ties. This means Number of shirt > Number of trousers > Number of ties. To satisfy these condition we have to sold at least 11 ties. Hence, the answer is at least 11 ties.

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