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Puzzle 28) Four brothers and annual property

Submitted by Amit Shukla, on September 30, 2017

Direction of Puzzle

Four brothers Rohan, Sohan, Mohan and Raju are at their annual family property fight sitting across a circular table. Their occupations are - author, biologist, chemist and doctor, but not necessarily in that order. Raju starts by setting the agenda of the meeting and after him the doctor gives a long discourse of what is right and what is wrong. Rohan is sitting across the doctor and next to the chemist. Mohan is silent throughout the meeting and the chemist speaks only at the very end.

Question 1) The profession of Rohan is?

  1. Author
  2. Biologist
  3. Doctor
  4. Cannot be determined

Answer - Option (d) Cannot be determined is correct.

Question 2) Who among the following is the chemist?

  1. Sohan
  2. Mohan
  3. Raju
  4. Cannot be determined

Answer - Option (b) Mohan is correct.


The solution can be referring from figure (Note the interpretation of the last statement – Mohan was silent throughout the meeting is that Mohan spoke only at the end.) Refer the following figure to understand it clearly.

solved puzzles

Rohan could be the Author or the biologist. Hence, we cannot determine his profession. Option (d) is correct. Mohan was the Chemist. Option (b) is correct.

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