Scala Vs Kotlin

Learn about the similarities and dissimilarities of Scala and Kotlin programming languages? By Shivang Yadav Last updated : April 01, 2023


Is Scala better that Kotlin? No..., Is Kotlin better than Scala? No...

Both programming languages have their own profits and are for a specific set of development. It just that some developers thought that Java was not adequate to develop application they designed Kotlin and others though that java libraries are falling short in making more advanced software do they designed Scala.

Which programming language to choose? Kotlin or Scala

Some considerable features that can help you choose which programming language to opt-in?

Data of Release: Which one is Newer - Winner Kotlin

  • Scala was developed in 2004 by Martin Odersky. It was designed to incorporate new features in Java that can make programming easy.
  • Kotlin was developed in 2012 by JetBrains and now is the official programming language for Android development.

Compatibility with Java: Winner Kotlin

Scala brings older is more compatible with Java as compared to Scala. But Kotlin is 100% compatible with Java 6 and making use of this code can be easily changed from Java to Kotlin.

Multipurpose programming and easy compilation : Scala

Scala is more of a write-once run anywhere programming language as its compiled code acts as byte code and compilation is a bit easier. On the other hand, Scala code takes more space for its compiled version.

Features: Tie

  • Operator Overloading:
    Both programming languages support operator overloading. But Scala’s operator overloading is much better as compared to Kotin.
  • Pattern Matching:
    Again Both Support pattern matching but for Scala, the match method takes the bout which can match almost every data type available in the code.
  • Functional approach:
    Both programming languages tend to make use of functional approach along with supporting object-oriented programming paradigm.
  • Null pointer:
    Kotlin is better and handling this error and you see it very less in Kotlin code but Scala has a good mechanism to handle it but not that efficient to eliminate its causes.
  • Easy of coding and readability:
    Due to some features that make Scala more lenient and trustworthy its code is a bit difficult to read and render as compared to Kotlin.

Programming Scope and Ease: Kotlin

Being official programming language for android and being backed by JetBrains Kotlin has more scope of development. It is a better version of Java but Scala is different and has some additional features.

Conclusion - Scala Vs Kotlin

In the current scenario, Scala looks a more powerful programming language. But even after being Kotiln being supported by two huge tech giants has the more future scope. Both programming languages are fun to learn. So, I suggest if you still thing this Scala Vs Kotlin is not enough for you just think what do you want to do and choose one.

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