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Convert float value to string using gcvt() in C language

Learn: How to convert a float value into string using gcvt() function in C programming language?

Here, we will learn how to convert a float number (floating point value) to the string in C language?

What is gcvt()?

It's a library function of stdio.h header, this function is used to convert a floating point number to string.


gcvt(double value, int ndigits, char * buf);

double value : is the float/double value
int ndigits : number of digits including point (decimal point), for example if you want to get value in xx.yyy format then it should be 6
char * buf : character pointer, in this variable string converted value will be copied.

Program to convert float value in string using gcvt() in C

#include <stdio.h>
#define MAX 50

int main()
	float x=0.0f;
	char buf[MAX];
	printf("Enter first number: ");
	printf("buffer is: %s\n",buf);
	return 0;	


Enter first number: 123.45678
buffer is: 123.457

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